Projects (JQuery)


HTML CSS JQuery MySQL PHP Laravel Bootstrap
  • Created a Ban Appeal
  • Created a Report System
  • Created a News System on the home page
  • Created a Notifications System
  • Created a VTC System
  • Modifications of the User's Profile Page
  • 3.1M+ Registered Users
  • And much more!

JMDev's Portfolio

Laravel PHP JQuery Ajax MySQL PHPUnit CSS Bootstrap

Portfolio built using the latest version of Laravel!

  • PHPUnit Test
  • Factory
  • Seeder
  • Easy to manage
  • Markdown support!
  • and more!

Address to long & lat

Google Maps Bing Maps MapQuest OpenCage JQuery HTML CSS Javascript
  • Send a address and receive the Latitude and Longitude
  • View Longitude and Latitude returned by each API on Google Maps
  • View the JSON / XML information returned by each API
  • Website is fully dynamic

Live Chat

Web Socket PHP JQuery HTML CSS Javascript
  • Created a live chat using Web Socket
  • Encoding / Decoding using Javascript
  • Communication between Server and Client

Sheridan Coding

HTML CSS JQuery MySQL PHP Facebook Graph API
  • Content Management System
  • Creating, Editing and Deleting An Article
  • Images Collection
  • Ability To Create Private Article (Accessible by a link only)
  • Automatically sharing on Facebook using Facebook API
  • Facebook Plugin (Like, Comment, Share)
  • IP / Session Tracking
  • IP Ban System
  • Views Tracker
  • And much more!

Twitch Signature Generator

HTML CSS JQuery Twitch PHP

Create a Dynamic Picture Getting the information from Twitch API Dynamic Page using JQuery



Create a notification that you will receive on your phone!

  • Create, Edit and Delete Notifications
  • Receive the notifications on time
  • Dynamic Page using JQuery

URL Shortner

HTML CSS JQuery Ajax PHP MySQL Laravel
  • Submit a URL and get a shorter URL
  • Dynamic Page
  • Fast Redirection

Pretty JSON

  • Format a JSON to be easier to read
  • Dynamic Page