Hi, let me present my self. My name is Jean-Mathieu Emond, I was born in Quebec and lived in Ontario for 10 years. I can speak and write French & English. Since 2014, I have been working on multiple projects that people always been enjoying to use. I always try to make my code as efficient as possible and bug free. My expertise is working on the backend code of website. I have also wrote some autonomous script that could play a game for me using Java . The biggest project I've worked on would have been TruckersMP. The project currently have more than 3.1 millions registered users.

My technical expertise include cross-platform proficiency (Windows, Linux and Mac). The languages that I'm the most fluent in are PHP , HTML , CSS , Javascript , JQuery , Ajax , MySQL , OracleSQL and Java . I have developed multiple application using the MVC model and I have also use multiple PHP framework including CakePHP , FuelPHP and Laravel for Web Development. For web design, I currently use Font-Awesome and Bootstrap as my main library.

I'm always looking to learn new things that could help me to be more efficient in making certain application. I enjoy coding and I have participated to multiple hackathon as you can see bellow.

Coding Competition

DementiaHack 2014

Sheridan Hackathon 2014

Hackathought (1h 56m 15s)