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Abstract classes Java


Abstract classes, unlike interfaces, are classes. They are more expensive to use because there is a look-up to do when you inherit from them.

Abstract classes look a lot like interfaces, but they have something more : you can define a behavior for them. It's more about a guy saying, "these classes should look like that, and they have that in common, so fill in the blanks!".


//Pseudo code
// I say all motor vehicles should look like this :
abstract class MotorVehicle

    int fuel;

    // they ALL have fuel, so why not let others implement this?
    // let's make it for everybody
    int getFuel()
         return this.fuel;

    // that can be very different, force them to provide their
    // implementation
    abstract void run();


// my team mate complies and writes vehicle looking that way
class Car extends MotorVehicle
    void run()
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